E5 Metalnic Co., Ltd was established in 2008, with passion to offer something extraordinary in electronic market. We are now providing many types of mounts, IT accessories and solutions to support all your desire. From years to years, we have been contributing to deliver safe, unique, and expertly (new designed and functional) designed products you can trust.

E5 stands for Energetic, Encouragement, Extroversions, Environment and Ethics. These 5 Es are our main conception for our company to work and operate a business. We strongly believe that all these five conceptions will provide the best outputs to our stakeholders.


Our company will provide products and service under our brand which name is “ METALNIC ”. This brand came out from the idea of “ metal accessories for electronic ” and represent as modern brand with high quality products.


We provide expertly designed products with superior quality. We support the technology that enhance your imagination. And we have been doing it for many years, so you can have confidence that our products, services, and solutions are professionally developed and built to last. Let us support the technology you love with a brand you can trust.